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• 5/22/2016

Americanize names and stuff

I was thinking, since the game has been released for over a month now on smartphones, shouldn't we Americanizethe names of certain names, along with have png screenshots of medals? For example:

Wobble Tip-Toe is now called Wibble Wobble

Jewelry Bag is called Bag O' Jewels

Red Gummi Thruster is now Red Gummi Copter

Colorful Gummi Hammer is just called Gummi Hammer

Blue Gummi Thruster is now Blue Gummi Copter

Yellow Gummi Thruster is now Yellow Gummi Copter

Black Gummi Thruster is now Black Gummi Copter

Charcoal Bag is now Bag O' Coal

Gold Coin Bag is now Bag O' Coins

Bite Egg is now Chomper Egg

Oddly enough, Crescendos are called Loudmouths

Apple Face is called Candy Apple

Apple Head is now Poison Apple

The recent Heartless, Witch Bomber, is now called Wretched Witch

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• 5/31/2016
Nobody cares. This isn't the main wiki for unchained X any more. We all left to and put all our efforts into that.
• 6/1/2016

Yeah, but at least contrubute the name changes to it. I can't. I don't have an account there and I have no plans to make one.

• 6/10/2016

What the IP meant is that this is a dead wiki. The change you're asking for has already been done on that wiki, and it's easy to join.

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